Kromex 3D Emblems

Kromex emblems and badges are a flexible, aesthetically superior, environmentally friendly, and low-cost alternative to traditional badging technologies. Kromex Emblems can be applied to flat or curved applications which give these emblems a wide range of branding opportunities to a wide range of sectors. Kromex spans beyond the standard Chrome, Satin, Matte, Brushed, Gold, and other solid color finishes.

Impact can add aesthetic features to the final product such as screen printing or PU casting, transparent or colored resin directly to the finished parts. Kromex can shape all customers’ ideas generating scripts, badges, or emblems with defined geometrical shapes with high thickness up to 0.98 inches with sharp corners and edges. Contact Impact to see how we can save your company money before you look into injection molded parts and invest in expensive tooling.

These would be great in the following industries; Marine, Cosmetic, Automotive, Appliances, Manufacturing Equipment, Medical Equipment, Fitness Equipment. Kromex is Scratch, Weather (Water and UV), Salt Water, Fuel, and Chemical Resistant.


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