Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays are used to visually enhance your product, direct a user’s attention to specific product features, or act as a user interface. Graphic overlays are not only functional, they enhance the appearance of your product, which represents your company brand in a positive way.

Durability of Graphic Overlays

Not only do graphic overlays need to be aesthetically pleasing, but they need to hold up to harsh conditions. To protect the inks or surface, most overlays are printed on a second surface and have options that include, hard coating, UV protection, scratch protection, chemical resistance, and anti-glare.

Dead Front or Transparent/Colored Windows

Dead front, or transparent/colored windows, can be printed onto any graphic overlay, They are illuminated from the back using LED lights, and are popular in the automotive, medical, aerospace, and the health and fitness industry.

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing of Graphic Overlays

Impact uses two different methods of printing graphic overlays. Our team will help you choose the process that best suits your application.

  1. Screen Printed Overlays

    1. Screen printing involves creating a screen for each color of ink that will be printed on your product. Impact Printing and Promo uses UV cured inks. Screen printing is very durable and can be exposed to harsher environments. Another advantage is that screen printing can handle higher volumes at a lower cost than digital printing. This process will have some initial setup costs, but clients find it is a long term value.
  2. Digital Printing Overlays
    1. Digital printing overlays will print your artwork directly on the base surface of your product. This process uses UV cured inks, and can print a high number of vibrant colors, as well as artwork that requires great detail. Digital printing overlay is best with smaller quantities, and has a minimal set up fee. Impact Printing and Promo can also combine digital printing overlays with flexographic printing through a process called Hybrid Printing. This process achieves a higher amount of efficiency, and we are happy to pass down the cost savings to our clients!


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