In order to understand how to define an effective solution to your printing needs, you need to be familiar with the benefits and limitations of the various different printing methods. We’ve rounded up just a few to give you an idea of the wide range of options available for your next project.

Effective Solutions to Your Printing Needs

Offset Lithography

With offset printing, the media surface can be rough or smooth, making it a versatile option. The wet ink allows the technician a great deal of control over the colors, leading to a high-quality image every time. The downside of offset printing is that the intensive process of production and set-up drives up the cost.


Flexography, also called ‘flexo,’ uses flexible plates and semi-liquid ink to print on a wide range of media, including cellophane, films, and oil. This method is most commonly used for labels and packing, but is also popular for projects that use continuous, repeating patterns (think wrapping paper and wallpaper). The fast-drying ink allows for a quick turnaround time, making flexo printing a great and cost-effective option for high-volume jobs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing foregoes the use of plates, instead of printing directly from a digital image onto the chosen media. In its infancy, digital printing’s quality was questionable, however recent technological advancements have digital printing leading the pack in quality and cost-effectiveness.

Screen Printing

Mainly used for printing on fabric and the like, screen printing uses mesh to transfer an image onto media like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and cloth banners. Only one color is transferred onto the media at a time, so several screens are needed for multi-colored images. This makes set-up quite a process, so if you only need a few items printed screen printing is not for you. For bulk orders, however, it is one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

How Impact Printing Defines Your Solution

Whether they realize it or not, most successful businesses think through the following basic questions to reach efficient solutions for their needs and problems. We apply these questions in a similar manner to define an effective solution to your printing needs:

Who is your client, and how do we render their brand?

Familiarity with your client and the brand they’re looking to project is essential to help us guide you towards the best printing option for your needs.

What is this product’s function, and how long will it be in the market?

Different printing methods have different capabilities, and an understanding of current and future plans for the product is useful in determining the best solution for you and your client.

When do you need it completed, and how do you want it delivered?

Some printing methods have a faster turnaround than others, so knowing the deadline or expected timeframe for delivery is key.

Where does this ship, and with how many different delivery variables?

If there are delivery variables included in your order, we’ll determine the best printing method to suit your needs.

Why is Impact Printing the best fit for meeting these expectations?

After discussing your project with one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff members, we feel confident you’ll know you, your clients, and your printing projects are in the most capable hands.

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